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VIP Membership Service Agreement

VIP Membership Service Agreement

I. Acceptance and modification of the terms of the agreement

1.1 This Agreement is an agreement between VIP Members and Big Generation Digital Media Sdn Bhd concerning the use of VIP Membership Services provided by the Company by users who become VIP Members. This Agreement describes the rights and obligations of the Company and its VIP members regarding software licensing, service use and related aspects. "VIP Membership" or "You" refers to the individual or single entity who enjoys the VIP Membership Service provided by the Company. This Service Agreement constitutes a prerequisite for you (individual or unit) to use the VIP membership services provided by our company. Unless you accept the terms of this agreement, otherwise you are not entitled to use the relevant services of this agreement. Your use will be deemed to be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.2 The Company has the right to amend the Terms of Service at any time without further notice. Once the terms of service have been changed and amended, the expression of your rights and obligations, purchase procedures and fee rates shall be subject to the latest terms of service. If VIP Members do not agree with the amendment of this Agreement, they may cancel the services they have obtained and stop using them. If VIP Members continue to use the services provided by the Company after the amendment of this Agreement, they shall be deemed to have accepted all the amendments of this Agreement.

1.3 Please examine and accept this agreement. The minors shall be examined and performed by the legal guardian. The minor exercise and perform the rights and obligations under this Agreement are deemed to have been recognized by the legal guardian. You must enjoy full compliance with the terms of the service agreement when enjoying the VIP membership service of the company.

1.4 The items not stipulated in this Fee Agreement shall prevail as stipulated in the Membership Provisions.

II. Service Description

2.1 The ownership of cartoonist products and related software intellectual property rights involved in VIP membership services belong to our company. The services provided by the company will be strictly implemented in accordance with its terms of service and operating rules. VIP Members shall be subject to this Agreement and Membership when enjoying any individual services of the Company.

Constraints of the Provisions.

2.2 The company has the right to supervise, prompt and inspect all activities of VIP members online. If the behavior of VIP members violates relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement, the company has the right to ask them to correct and investigate their responsibilities.

2.3 All the services provided by the company to VIP members are limited to the use of VIP members on the cartoon platform. Any act of separating the service provided by the company from the cartoon platform by illegal means such as malicious cracking does not belong to the services stipulated in this agreement. All laws resulting therefrom

The legal consequences shall be borne by the perpetrator, and the company shall pursue the legal liability of the perpetrator in accordance with the law.

2.4 When VIP members use individual services of cartoonists, the use behavior of VIP members is regarded as their consent to the terms of service of individual services and various announcements issued by the company in the individual services.

2.5 You clearly understand and agree that the payment method of VIP members is the payment method collected by the collector on behalf of the collector. There may be some commercial risks in paying through this payment method, including, but not limited to, criminals using your account or bank card and other valuable cards to carry out illegal activities.

Insurance will cause you corresponding economic losses. You should bear the responsibility of investigating the tort liability and the consequences of impossibility of liability from the tortfeasor.

2.6 You are responsible for the proper and correct custody, use and maintenance of your account, account information and password. You should take necessary and effective confidentiality measures for your account information and password. The password leakage of your account and improper custody, use and maintenance due to non-company reasons

The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused.

2.7 The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused by the acts or omissions of third parties, including, but not limited to, payment services and network access services, torts committed by any third party.

III. Procedures for becoming VIP Members

3.1 Before you become a VIP member, you must first register as a comic user based on real and accurate information. The content and personal data provided by the user must be true and valid, otherwise the company has the right to reject its application or revoke its VIP membership, without any compensation or refund of VIP membership.

Service charge. If the personal data of VIP members changes, the registered personal data should be amended in time. Otherwise, the responsibility that the rights of VIP members can not be fully and effectively exercised will be borne by the VIP members themselves. Therefore, the company has the right to cancel its VIP membership and not to return its VIP membership services.

Fees or any other form of compensation.

3.2 Users can become VIP members of cartoonists through various existing and future new channels, including, but not limited to, online banking, mobile payment or third-party payment. When a user becomes a VIP member in a specific way, he or she must read and confirm acceptance.

Terms of service and methods of use. The Company hereby declares that: the company has never authorized any third party units or individuals to sell or transfer the VIP membership of cartoonists. Any unauthorized sales of VIP members of cartoonists are illegal sales, and the company has the right to investigate their legal liability.

3.3 After becoming a VIP member, the VIP member has the right not to accept the service of the company, and can apply to cancel the VIP member service, but not get the refund of the VIP member service fee.

3.4 The ownership of VIP membership account belongs to our company. VIP members have limited access to the comic book account.

3.5 The company only provides relevant network services, in addition to the related network services related equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile network) and the required costs (such as telephone and Internet fees paid for access to the Internet, mobile for use)

Mobile phone charges paid by mobile Internet users should be borne by VIP members themselves.

IV. VIP Membership Service and Account Enquiry

4.1 Once you become a VIP member, you will be deemed to have recognized the price indicated by the service. Once you become a VIP member, the service will take effect immediately.

4.2 The VIP member's value-added service tariff standard is based on the detailed tariff mark on the company's website. The company has the right to change the above tariff standard according to its own business development needs, but the company will give VIP members who have been activated and continuously effective at different stages according to the actual operation situation.

The specific preferential policies are based on the announcements on the relevant service pages of the company.

4.3 You can check the details of your account information free of charge by login to VIP membership center, including the service content, service duration, consumption amount, transaction status and so on.

V. VIP Membership Authority and Service Duration

5.1 All the rights and interests you can enjoy after VIP membership are subject to the rights and interests announced on the company's website. The company has the right to change all or part of its members'rights and interests based on its own business development needs without further notice. You can also check the latest membership rights and interests content through the company's website.

VI. Rights and Restrictions of VIP Members

6.1 VIP membership service is limited to the self-use of the application account; gifts, borrowings, transfers, transfers or sales are prohibited during the service period of VIP membership. Otherwise, the company has the right to cancel the VIP membership of the transfer account and the transferee account without notice, thus causing losses.

The VIP members shall undertake the responsibility by themselves.

6.2 If the VIP member's actions continue to violate this Agreement or the relevant laws and regulations of the state, or if the company considers that the VIP member's actions are harmful to the reputation and interests of the company or others, the company has the right to cancel the VIP membership of the VIP member without any compensation.

6.3 VIP Members shall not obtain or purchase VIP Membership Services through illegal means such as theft, exploiting system vulnerabilities, and unlawfully selling VIP Members'websites without the authorization of the Company, otherwise the Company shall have the right to cancel the service qualification of VIP Members. Questions raised by VIP members

The company is not responsible for its own responsibility.

6.4 No VIP member shall use the name or signature file with the meaning of unlawful, obscene, insulting or personal assault. Once found, the company has the right to cancel its VIP membership without any compensation or refund.

6.5 VIP members who have been disqualified from VIP membership will no longer enjoy the rights of VIP members.

6.6 The VIP membership service provided by the company shall not be used for commercial or profit purposes, but for private use only.

6.7 Unless the company has written permission in advance, it is forbidden to copy, download, upload, modify, catalogue, sort, translate, issue, develop, transfer, sell, display and disseminate the fee content provided by VIP membership services; it is forbidden to use the fee content provided by VIP membership services to create derivatives.

Products, cards, screensavers or desktops, teaching or research, commercial development or promotion; prohibition of commercial use of VIP membership services to provide fees; including but not limited to the following circumstances:

6.7.1 To modify the service life, consumption amount and transaction status of VIP membership account by illegal means, or to use the content provided by purchased VIP membership service illegally or for illegal purposes;

6.7.2 Provide your VIP membership account to any third party for free or for free, and allow others to view the charges provided by VIP membership services purchased by non-others through your account.

6.7.3 Copy, sell, rent or authorize the fee content provided by VIP membership services to any third party.

6.7.4 Take the initiative to crack, modify, counter-operate, destroy or other tamper with any security measures and technologies used by our company to protect its fee-paying services, or to assist others in the above-mentioned acts.

6.7.5 Obtain the charged content by means other than the company's approval, or delete any ownership statement or label on the charged content.

6.7.6 No fee or free way will be used. All or part of the fee service you purchased will be displayed in any public place, unless your aforementioned actions will not constitute infringement.

6.7.7 Harm the interests of third parties, collect third-party information through our products, destroy or steal third-party accounts, send illegal information such as fraudulent mail and spam, and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including but not limited to privacy, intellectual property, property rights, etc.

VII. Change of Agreement

7.1 If the company changes the service content, service mode and the content of this user agreement according to the agreement of this agreement, if the VIP member does not agree with the change of the company, it has the right to cancel and stop using all or part of the corresponding services already obtained; if the VIP member continues to use this service.

The above services provided by the company's products are deemed to have been accepted by VIP members.

7.2 Once the VIP membership agreement is amended, the content of the amendment will be posted on the page. Upon publication, VIP members are deemed to have been notified.

7.3 The service life of VIP membership service includes the reasonable time needed by the company to solve the problems, repair, adjust and upgrade the servers. The company will not compensate for the time needed for the above situation and reserves the right of explanation.

7.4 VIP Members shall not be responsible for any personal or financial loss, damage or injury suffered by VIP Members in the use of the services provided by the Company's products, regardless of the cause. As VIP members inform others of their personal passwords or share registered accounts with others, this leads to

The Company shall not be liable for any disclosure of personal data.

7.5 If VIP members do not agree with the amendment of the terms, they may voluntarily propose to the company the termination of VIP membership services, but do not receive a refund of VIP membership service fee. If VIP members continue to enjoy VIP membership services, they are deemed to have accepted the amendment of the terms and conditions.

Interruption and termination of services

8.1 Due to irresistible events, such as government actions and force majeure, VIP membership service can not continue. The company will give notice VIP members as soon as possible, but will not bear any losses caused to VIP members and will not refund the VIP membership service fee.

8.2 If a VIP member violates or is deemed to violate the contents of this Terms of Service, the Company has the right to terminate all services you have purchased without informing the VIP member, and to cancel your VIP member account and use rights without refunding any VIP member service fees paid.

8.3 The failure or delay of the Company in exercising its rights under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of these rights, and the sole or partial exercise of any of its rights under this Agreement does not exclude the exercise of any other rights. Our company has the right to ask you to continue to fulfill your obligations at any time.

Liability for breach of contract.

Application and jurisdiction of law

9.1 The law of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute settlement of this service clause. This service clause is partially invalid due to its conflict with the current law of the People's Republic of China and does not affect the validity of other parts.

9.2 If any dispute arises over the content of this Agreement or its implementation, it shall be settled through friendly consultation as far as possible. If consultation fails, the parties to the dispute agree to submit the dispute to the people's court in the place where I like the Internet Limited Company, if consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court where I like the Internet Limited Company is located.
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